Welcome to think. CREATE. renovate.

Hello everyone! Welcome to the new blog space! I am so excited to finally share it with you and I'm so glad you've traveled all the way over here from the old blog :) All the old content has been moved over here so everything is still accessible and it’s easier to find! There were two big reasons I wanted to move the blog.

think. CREATE. renovate.

1.       Rebranding

Was that one obvious? The blog will no longer be trimyworld. I originally started the blog when I continuously traveled for work to stay connected with friends and family at home. I believed I would be blogging about all my travels and triathlon training (hence the name tri…my world). I don’t travel nearly as much as I used and since purchasing our first home, I have realized that I am very passionate about our home renovation projects. I love photographing them, writing about the process, and sharing them with you! Since I don’t see that changing any time soon, it just felt right to give the blog an appropriate name.

think. CREATE. renovate.

The new name reflects our process. We think about every project before we dive in. We brainstorm multiple options and continuously tweak our vision. We probably overthink everything, but we’re both engineers so what do you expect? Then we start to create things. Often we create a conceptual design. We draw it on paper, imitate the space digitally, physically tape it out on the floor. Whatever it takes. Creating is something I love to do whether it’s creating a new space, creating a different mood in a room, or creating a new original item. Finally, we renovate. For our big projects we get down and dirty and tear stuff up and build it new.

I think this name offers a perfect new home for the blog!

2.       Organization

With a new platform, the blog will be much more organized. There are now archives by project type where you can see all related projects in one place. You will also be able to see related posts at the end of each new post if you are interested in the topic. I’ve incorporated tags, so if want to search the whole blog for a keyword, you can do that too! All of this makes it easy to find something if you are taking on a project of your own and looking for that onethingfromforeveragoandyoucantrememberwhereitwas.

There are also multiple pages on the site now. Aside from the blog page, there are project archives, a little diddy about us, and one about the house in the form of a house tour. The house tour page isn’t complete yet since I need to take a lot of new pictures, but I will be adding to it over time and I’ll be sure to let you know as I do.

I hope these changes make the space more functional for you and if something isn’t working or there is something you would like to see…let me know! I’ll do my best to improve the blog in any way I can. Need to get in touch? Leave a comment or enter your info in the side bar.

So glad you guys are here!