That Shower Better Drain

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Hiya friends! Ready to build a shower? Well if you aren't, that's ok because we've already done that and you can just come along for the ride! We've continued this bathroom renovation with some behind the scenes work. If you don't remember, we conned our friend Jon, who owns his own general contracting business (Defaria Home Contracting), into helping us redo this bathroom. When Jon got to our house there wasn't much of a bathroom to speak of. We had done all the demo work before his arrival so he and The Engineer could get to it! 

First thing to go back in was the shower curb. You know, that little step you always trip on getting out of the shower. 

Who knew it was just a few 2 x 4's? At this time we also relocated some studs to the edge of the shower so the edge of the shower and drywall could be attached properly at the junction. We also put in framing for two niches in the shower for shampoo and the likes!! <--- Very exciting!!

{I should probably re-define the word 'we' for you...typically by 'we' I mean myself and The Engineer. For the major work on this bathroom rebuild though, I had very little to do with it...for once! Which I quite enjoyed I might add. So, 'we' as I so often say...really means Jon and The Engineer!}

The picture definitely makes the niches look wonky...but they are actually centered on the shower head and faucet and I'm so excited to have these niches in lieu of a rusting shower caddy. 

The niches would probably have been my favorite feature if it weren't for the draining issues. If you recall, our old shower didn't drain because the drain was in a high spot. Womp womp. It was my biggest frustration with the old bathroom and because of this, I told Jon that he would have to rip the floor out and start over if the new shower didn't drain haha! Thankfully, his mad sloping-the-floor-toward-the-drain-skillz are pretty top notch so it was perfect the first time! (He knew I was joking the whole time and had full confidence in him...erm at least I think he knew...)

I wish you could see the beautifully sloped floor so you could love it as much as I do, but these things don't really come across in photos. Take my word for it, the slope toward the drain is to die for. Who know I would bee so into the sub floor in my shower? 

We installed new insulation and drywall to replace the moldy drywall. 

The shower pan went in and durock went up in the shower. 

10 Durarock in Shower.jpg

This made the niches look much better! Finally the durarock was mudded in and we were ready for TILE!!!!

I was so giddy with excitement and so disappointed that the tiling would begin while I was at work. But mostly excited :)

This post may have been short and sweet, but Jon and The Engineer worked all day to get the shower ready for tile and I didn't help at all! So hats off to them!

I can't wait to show you the tile going up!

Full disclosure: We paid a discounted rate for Jon's services. 

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