He Destroyed My Bathroom!

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Overhauling the second bathroom was definitely an item that was on the To Do List. It wasn't necessarily at the top though. So why now? Well, we are super lucky that one of our good friends, Jon, is kinda an expert on this stuff. The Engineer and I met Jon and his wife, Melanie, in college and the four of us have remained super close since! 

See, told ya, super close :)

Anyhoo, few years ago Jon started his own residential contracting business, Defaria Home Contracting! When The Engineer and I started discussing this bathroom project, we knew darn well we had to con Jon into helping us (in full disclosure, we paid a discounted rate for his services). Since we had talked about him helping us in passing, he called us one day with an unexpected opening in his schedule about two weeks out and we jumped on it because he's a busy guy. But yikes, that meant we had to get cracking! We wanted to completely demo and re-plumb the bathroom before Jon arrived (we were mainly wanting his help with the shower rebuild and tiling). We had two weekends to accomplish this and of course, we had a trip planned on one of them. So...one weekend!

We went into over drive. The Engineer grabbed the nearest hammer, looked at me, and asked "Are we doing this?" With my excited yet nervous yes, he totally destroyed my bathroom! It only took two days of ripping, tearing, smashing, and hauling to empty out the bathroom. We started with the simple stuff, ya know like the toilet and the sink. 

Then The Engineer turned his attention to the shower. Good riddance!

Best. Day. Ever. (in my books) I was so happy to see that shower ripped out. 

As we expected, we found mold. We removed and treated it, but this caused us to remove and replace half a sheet of drywall on the back wall. 

We went down to the studs with this shower demo, so we even took out the shower pan and curb. This way we would have a clean slate ready to go when Jon arrived. 

The Engineer also ran new plumbing to the bathroom and the adjacent laundry room! I was super impressed. Due to the tight schedule he crammed most of this work into late weeknight work sessions. He rocks. 

The faucet we chose for the sink was wall mounted. Because the plumbing for it was installed before the vanity was built and the sink was installed, we had to do some backwards calculations to make sure we mounted the faucet at the right height.We brought in the beloved (and very heavy, I might add) sink to make sure everything was located appropriately.  

Looks nice right? Ok, not really. We took the faucet off while the shower and floors were completed :) But we were ready for Jon to help us rebuild our shower!

Come back soon to see the shower rebuild! 

(Imagine me giddy with excitement)