We Won't Miss This

Hey y'all! In the last few posts I've been mentioning that big things were happening around here, but I neglected to let you in on the details. Allow me to rectify that. We're totally redoing our second bathroom! Like...totally redoing. That's right...we took it all the way down to the studs and are building it back up. 

Hold on though, I'm already getting ahead of myself. Let's tour the old bathroom and discuss the reasons we demolished this bathroom that really isn't that bad. Or is it? 

Meet our second bathroom.

This bathroom is part of the addition to the original 2/1 home, so it isn't even that old...maybe from the 90's? Really, it's not the worst bathroom I've seen by a long shot. I mean at least its not one of those funky pink or baby blue bathrooms from 1950! Oh wait...I have one of those. 

Yes, this is our other bathroom, complete with the original 1950's blue and yellow tile. This was one of the pictures from the listing (that wide lens gets it all in!) but we only changed two things. We replaced the mirror and put blinds on the window. 

Most people who know our house are politely surprised when they find out which bathroom we decided to gut. Here is the bathroom situation. The original bathroom was updated at some point, including a new sink/vanity, toilet, and jetted tub and it's pretty nice. Technically, our house is listed as a 3/2...and this bathroom gets the full designation because the tub has a shower wand. 

It doesn't have a shower curtain though....

Because of this, this bathroom isn't really our primary bathroom despite its adjacent location to our bedroom. It is really the guest bath that we brush our teeth in.  

Which brings us back to the second bathroom that has a normal shower that we use. It's not crazy out of style or in disrepair. The style alone would not have been enough for us to want to completely redo it. But, I had one MAJOR gripe with this bathroom that killed me on a daily basis. 

The shower didn't drain. 


The shower drain was in a high spot so there was always standing water in the shower. Kinda gross if you ask me and that's just begging for mold and a whole host of unsanitary ickyness. I can't even begin to explain how much this bothered me. I told The Engineer that if it weren't for that dern drain, we probably wouldn't have moved this bathroom reno to the top of the list...and he agreed!

There were other things about the bathroom that weren't up to snuff too.

There was a huge difference in paint color because only one coat of paint was applied on the edges and it looked poorly finished. When we moved in, we ripped out a glass shelf that we hated and put a temporary one there to (kinda) cover the mess on the wall from it, but you can see the color difference underneath the shelf in the picture below.

We cut legs off an old over-the-toilet storage unit we had and stuck it on the wall, because this bathroom had no storage. So that was a bit awkward and unfinished. 

I disliked the pedestal sink because it offered no storage. We added an open towel rack for some storage, but it took up a lot of room in this already small bathroom.

The workmanship on the shower wall tile was pretty poor (aside from the drain issue), especially at the bottom junction to the floor. Some spots had a massive blob of caulk in lieu of a tile. A lot of white grout was not-so-white due to years of neglect (*ahem* or maybe standing water). Ew. 

Yes, I would like some cheese with my whine. 

Sorry to complain, but these are all the reasons we wanted to redo this bathroom. But really, I just wanted a shower that drained properly. Is that too much to ask? 

As far as design goes, this is one of those cases where I saw something and I had to have it. So the building point for the bathroom was this inspiration picture:

I still can't find the exact source of this picture. I found on Pinterest, and it is a photo taken by an architectural photographer, Brian Vanden Brink. In any event, I saw this and I instantly loved it and wanted this to be the start of the bathroom. 

We scoured the interwebs for an affordable concrete vessel sink. It was difficult (they're pretty expensive), but we finally found Creating Concrete on Etsy that makes concrete sinks and tables and they were awesome to work with. We picked a charcoal color and they worked to customize our order to fit what we wanted. We didn't want the standard sink stand that came with the sink (we planned on building our own vanity), but we also wanted a custom shelf to match the sink. They made everything exactly how we wanted it and had great customer service (No, this isn't a plug for them, they really were just great!). We even got some pictures after they cast the sink, before the shipped it!

Yes, they shipped us a concrete sink. It's very heavy, in case you were wondering. 

Tile for the bathroom was an easy decision for us (or me rather). I had been in love with this tile for quite some time...


This went on the floor. Because it's such a small bathroom, we opted to put the same tile on floor of the shower floor and the floor in the rest of the bathroom. We picked plain white subway tile for the shower walls because it was simple yet classic. To give the white tile a pop, we opted for dark charcoal grout. The grout helps to tie in the charcoal sink and makes the shower one of the shining stars of the bathroom. 

Wall Tile.png


Eventually I want to finish the bathroom off by getting a glass door for the shower and building two little storage areas in the form of a wall ladder and open shelving. 

I can't wait to share this renovation with you because its one of our bigger projects yet and I am really excited to have a new shower. 

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