Custom Vanity Build

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Hey! There's still a ton of stuff left to do in the bathroom. I hope you aren't as tired as we are! 

After getting the shower rebuilt and floor tiled, we set our sights on the custom vanity we wanted to build for the concrete vessel sink I just had to have. Recall the inspiration:


The Engineer enlisted our friend Tanner's help for the day to get the bones of this vanity together. Tanner has helped us on a few projects and we also stole the design of our built-in bench from him. If you are super observant you might notice that I never posted the finished bench. That's because we haven't finished it yet. Derp. It is on the outside of this bathroom and it became a work bench of sorts so it was good that it was unfinished at the time. We also punched through the back of the wall into the bead board in one spot during the shower renovation. And the caulk cracked during the month we were without ac from the lightning strike. The bench will be finished soon, but I digress. 

The vanity. We designed it from scratch to support the very heavy concrete vessel sink. 

When Tanner got to our house and saw the design he laughed at us a little for using 2 x 4's under each corner and the rest of the frame. We promptly instructed him to pick the sink up. He didn't even get the thing off the ground before agreeing that our robust design was appropriate haha!

The guys started with the back legs and spent a lot of time working to get everything plumb and level...because the walls and floor they were working off of...were not.  

The sink was not flush with the wall, so the two vertical supports for the back corners were floated from the wall. 

The Engineer clearly was working pretty hard. But I suppose he had to be down there as it is the optimal position from which to draw the plans on the wall...

The frame of this wasn't designed to be pretty. It was more of a quick and dirty design whose sole purpose was to support the weight of the sink. With that in mind, we used 2 x 4's for the entire frame because it was easy and cheap. With the primary goal of having four main vertical supports under the sink, the supports were simply connected in a way that would make a decent base for the sink to sit on.

A 2 x 4 was attached toward the bottom was put there to facilitate a toe kick. This little add created a bit more work, but the vanity looks much better with the added depth of the toe kick. 

A flat piece of plywood was installed for the sink to sit on. 

With the framing in place, birch plywood facing was attached. 

The paper on the front was to visualize the shape and size of the door we were going to build for access to the cabinet space under the sink. 

The shape of the vanity does seem a bit odd, I agree. But it is all for good reason. The sink was floated from the left wall was to make room for the shelf that the sink manufacturer custom made for us!!! 

The reason the sink was floated from the back wall...weeelllll...along the way we kinda realized that if we installed the sink directly against the back wall, the faucet would be at the very front of the sink. It's a bit more ideal to have the faucet hitting near the middle of the sink. We were really disappointed at first, but we knew we had to deal with this issue and realized we could tile a 'back splash' in the sink area with the same tile from the shower. The more we though about it, the more we liked the idea. So to resolve the spacing issue, we also floated the sink from the back wall ad planned to later fill that space with tile. (I was as nervous as you are, but it turned out so much better than expected!)

We chose a door size and cut that out so the vanity could be painted before the sink was actually installed. 

14 Completed Vanity Pre Paint.jpg

And that's where I'll leave you today. Next time I'll share how much better the bathroom looks with a coat of paint!

And thank you, Tanner, for all your help building this!

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