The BAR Sign

Really though, we hung a BAR sign. I mentioned how slow I tend to decorate because I don't like to impulse buy items. I'm so glad because I love how the bar is coming along (if you missed the building of the dry bar check it out herehere, and here).

Progress on the office has been non existent since we returned from London (recap post coming soon!). We need to cut the counter tops but haven't had enough time to dedicate to the task yet. We've been busy or sleeping (I'm still maintaining London time ;-)). 

That is OK though because there are plenty of little things around the house that are easy to do. Like hanging a bar sign!

Neat right? 

I found these metal letters at Michael's for 50% off and with a coupon they were $2 each. I'm all for DIY and I'm sure I could have made letters...but for that price I'm totally OK with store bought!

The Engineer was on board when I showed him the letters and he even had a this cool idea to 'float' the letters from the wall a bit because the shadows gave it some nice depth. I loved the idea and we decided to use some nuts as spacers (they were the same color/finish as the nails and letters and kept with the rustic look). 

I measured my wall space and started in the middle and using a level to mark the locations of all six nails. I know I spent an excessive amount of time on this step, but now its all level and spaced perfectly :)

As soon as I hung the first letter I kind of realized that we didn't need the spacers haha!

I didn't hammer the nails all the way in and the letter nicely rested right out on the end of the nail! I was worried that vibrations from doors closing and whatnot might cause the letters to slip backwards toward the wall over time, but so far they haven't moved at all. 

With the nail holes premarked, hanging the other two letters probably took less than one minute. Now for $6 we have some original wall art for the bar which clearly defines its purpose :)

Fun Fact:

The pictures are all taken from an angle because just off camera lies a massive pile of junk from the office renovation which I was climbing all over and through to take these pictures. (Home improvement takes over your home but its always worth it!)

Hope everyone has a great week!