Cheers! We Went to London

Hey folks! So I mentioned that our office progress was slowed a bit...because we took a trip to London!!  

We did not have this planned at all. But about a month and a half before we left, The Engineer found his job taking him to Kazakhstan and we decided to piggy back as they say in of this. We searched to find a location we could both get to cost effectively. 

London won!

Thus I give you a mostly photo tour of our impromptu trip to London. 

We stayed in an awesome apartment on the river. 

I tried really hard to schedule tea time with the Queen, but she was busy...we did stop by her residence...

Windsor castle.

Interesting fact about the castle, it is right on the flight path to London's biggest airport so you can fly directly over it. Kinda different from the White House here haha. 

We visited the famous Stonehenge.

It was a very cold and windy day. 

Big Ben greeted us several times during our visit. 

And right behind Big Ben on the other side of the river is The London Eye. 

We had a lovely view of The Shard (London's tallest building) and The London Eye from our apartment.

Obligatory red phone booth pictures:

We had no idea when we stopped by Buckingham Palace that the Prime Minister was starting his political campaign: hence the big crowd, news trucks, and marching guards. 

North of London is the Olympic Park from 2012. I thought it was really cool to see in person. We went up the Arcelormittal Orbit Sculpture there and got a great bird's eye view of the Olympic stadium.  They are working hard to convert into the new home of their football team (not American football people..I'm talking soccer here).

Oh, and of course the pool! 

Michael Phelps swam here people. Oh yes, he did. 

We visited the Prime Meridian...the museum was situated on a hill behind this park. 

It was pretty clear the morning we went and our first glimpse of blue sky on the trip! (Hard to get around London)

Form there we took a ferry ride on the Thames River. We passed our apartment building (tall red one in the middle).

And we rode under the Tower Bridge.

Inside the bridge they have newly installed glass floors which are pretty freaky. 

Yes, the river water is pretty much light chocolate milk. 

We also visited the Crown Jewels, but you can't take pictures inside. We settled on pictures of The Engineer with a guard. *snicker* 

As we were leaving the Tower Bridge area we noticed that 

 the sky was completely blue

Pretty rare moment because I only took the below picture an hour later haha.

Later that day we found ourselves back by the London Eye and the sky was blue again!

And we had a very pretty sunset. 

Another day we rented some bikes and rode around Hyde Park. 

Which is where Kensington Palace is (that's the official residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, or as you might recognize them Prince William and Kate).

We headed over to the National History Museum. The building was super cool, and it was free (like many museums there are).

The unfortunate part was that it was absolutely packed so we didn't spend a ton of time there. 

The rest of our afternoon was spent back in Hyde Park at Princess Diana's Memorial Fountain. 


It is really peaceful and people are encouraged to put their feet in the water. Since it was chilly (warm enough to take our coats off though) we opted for snacks instead. 

We stopped by the Westminster Abby. Many monarchs are buried here, coronations take place here, and so do royal weddings!

One evening we snapped some night photos of Big Ben and the London Eye. 

On our last full day we went on a food crawl and started at Borough Market.

There was this cool coffee shop that was packed every time we passed so we had to get our coffee there. 


During the day we also ran across Platform 9 3/4 and the Millennium Pedestrian bridge.

It was nice to chill at one location for the entire trip (unlike our last trip...

New York









, and Japan). Both were awesome though!!

Check back soon for more office updates, it is looking so good in there!