Hubby fixed the hot water

About a month ago we had a hot water pipe burst under our house.

Burst people. It was like Niagara Falls down there. We (and by we I mean The Engineer) temporarily fixed it by capping the pipe before the rupture (shout out to my dad for that great idea), which gave us hot water in the kitchen and one bathroom. This only left us without hot water in the other bathroom (sadly the bathroom with the real shower) and the laundry room.

Last weekend The Engineer bypassed the rupture and re-piped the hot water line to the bathroom and laundry room :-D No more showers in the tub!

Now there aren't too many pictures of this fix...because it was in the crawl space. The Engineer has been down there on a number of occasions for a number of reasons, but he is such a good hubby that he hasn't made me go down there yet! I really just wanted to give you guys an update from this post in December where I listed some things in the house that were having major problems ;-/

The portion of the house with the bathroom and laundry room is an addition to the original house. The crawl space there is separate from the rest of the house, meaning we had to reopen the tiny access hole under the washing machine The Engineer created to fix a leak back when we moved in. 

So out came the washer, up came the stick on tile, off came the cover, and in went The Engineer.

To get the pipes through the double wide cinder block foundation wall separating the two crawl spaces, we had to get a new tool. 

Yup, that's a 16-inch bit. I was a little fearful that The Engineer would be down there for an hour grinding his way through those foundation walls, however; with the right tool it took him 30 seconds haha! He made quick work of the rest of the job since we used CPVC. He cut and glued most of the pipes outside and only had a few fittings to glue under the house. 

He made it look easy to me at least! We even had a few friends volunteer to go under the house and help him fix it, but he finished before they even showed up at our house! I was so impressed that they were willing to go in the crawl space. Kudos to them! 

We didn't let them off the hook that easily though. Getting ahead of schedule allowed us to start on our next project...the fence on the side of the house (SO EXCITED FOR THIS GUYS!!!!) We had them help us rip out the chain link fence so we could put up a new wood one. Thank goodness because it was a lot of work. There are numerous trees on the property line that had grown into the fence and wound their roots around every bit of the bottom of the fence. 

Say goodbye! I really hated this fence. I don't like chain link fences, and I really don't like the green privacy slats that were in there. I'm honestly cringing looking at the pictures again. 

Now you know, we have hot water again and I am super stoked to be installing a new wood fence :)