Mulching a Path

Happy Rainy Monday everyone. I hope the rain isn't hindering your activities today :)

Last weekend after moving the shed we were on a roll (no pun intended, okay, maybe it was intended) so we dove directly into our path in the back yard. Or lack there of.

Maybe you recall, the old shell path we had in the back yard when we moved in.

Holy cow it was so wide it took up half the yard! I'm really glad we reduced the size. Three feet wide is plenty...9 feet wide is overkill!

I haven't talked much about the yard since we put the sod in a few months back, mostly because we've had some trouble with it. One of our pallets wasn't the best and some of the sod struggled. A section looked like it died completely, but we are slowly but surely nursing it back to health. We had temporarily placed some of the extra sod in the path and we have been using that as plugs in between the areas that are growing back. This finally freed up the path area so we could put mulch down.

We removed some dirt, lowering the level of the path so mulch wouldn't flow over into the grass all the time.

We raked the dirt out to a more or less level state and distributed our 17 bags of mulch. 

Then we simply dumped the mulch and raked it out. 

Viola! One mulch path down. I also placed some pavers in front of the shed for a nice little landing (and no we didn't have to buy any because we have dug up a surplus from the yard (the two on the site are actually inserts I removed from a table I'm upcycling).

This task was simple but made a big difference in the yard. Now maybe we won't track so much dirt back into the house and the yard looks a little more polished.

As a side note, the pictures actually make the grass look worse than it really is.  While it's not at 100% yet, it does look better than the pictures let on. As a second side note, the irrigation pump seems to be doing well. After priming it twice, it has been running regularly, so hopefully whatever was clogging it has dislodged itself and we can move on with our regularly scheduled program.

Once we were done with the path we headed over to the garden area :) Check back for some updates on the progress over there!