Finishing up the shed

After we went through all the trouble to move the shed a whopping 5 feet, we did a few other things around it to make it look a little more polished.

Unfortunately we didn't paint the shed itself, but that task is on the 'someday list'.

We did extend the path to the new door location though!

We have black plastic garden borders (these were already in place for the shell path when we moved in and there were some extra pieces stashed behind then shed, score!) that were easy to pull up and move. To 'install' these borders I just dig a 4 inch trench for the border, place the border in said trench, and pack it in with dirt.

When I talked about putting mulch down in our path I also mentioned that I consulted our stock pile of pavers to make a little landing at the door.

On the side of the shed, there was an old set of bars from the house windows that had been repourposed as a planter for a jasmine vine.

I loved the idea, but the bars were so so rusted. All they needed was a fresh coat of paint though, erm...and a good sanding first haha! Since there are no plans of returning this to the window it came from and it will remain outside in the dirt with a plant growing all over it, I didn't feel the need to make it 100% perfect. I just wanted to give it a face lift and protect the metal a little.

I took the jasmine off as gently as I could, but I had to sacrifice a little bit of it because it was wound around itself a little too much. Then I very roughly sanded the metal to get the big chunks of rust and flaking paint off. Like I said, this wasn't going to be perfect, but I also wanted to put enough effort into it as to not make the whole deal pointless.

With the bars sanded it only took me 2.5 cans of spray paint to get it looking a little more presentable. By no means is it perfect, but at a glance it looks infinitely better and there will be a vine growing all over it eventually.

The Engineer helped me move the bars back over to the shed (shockingly heavy) and I replanted the jasmine in front it it and 'draped' it over the bars. I also planted cordyline red sister plants along the shed to add some color :)

The new shed location is so nice and I feel so much better about that corner now that no mans land behind the shed is gone! These last few touches make the whole area much more presentable.

Did anyone notice what is in the background behind the shed? If you follow me on Instagram you know we bought new fence panels this weekend :-D :-D Can't say I'm not super excited for that project ;-)