...Speak Romanian?

New York ~ Milan ~ Rome I and Rome II ~ Prague ~ Amsterdam ~ Tokyo

On day two in Rome (you can catch day one here), we headed over the Vatican. St. Peter's Square and St. Peter's Basilica were mostly as I remembered them. We were there on a Thursday so they were busy putting away all the chairs from mass the morning before (seems like a monumental weekly task so me...not only are there a bazillion chairs to set up and take down weekly, they do such a good job that they use a string to make sure the rows are straight).

Inside the basilica was the only place we were allowed to take pictures.

We then headed over to the Vatican museums and Sistine Chapel which do not allow pictures so you can consult Google if you want to imagine :)

After that we took the afternoon to wonder. We didn't have any other big activity planned because it would take up the rest of our day as opposed to walking around and taking in the city, which is something we love to do. We passed Sant' Angelo Castle which is right on the Tevere River.

As was this quaint row of street vendors. 

We made our way back to our apartment (which was very centrally located...we walked absolutely everywhere in Rome and only took a bus to and from the train station when we were arriving and leaving) and had a really late pizza lunch (a habit of ours apparently) on Piazza Navona. 

Because the sun set pretty early we made the most of our time by revisiting some places to get see them lit at night. 

Our last task was to enjoy some cannolis and cappuccinos. <3 So. Yummy.

While our stay in Rome was short we really enjoyed it, but were super excited to get to Prague. For good reason too because it was awesome! Stay tuned.