New York, Milan, Rome, Prague, Amsterdam, Tokyo....Wait What?!

Yea, that just happened.

The Engineer and I took a trip around the world. Quite literally,we flew all the way around the world. It was Awesome!!!

And this was all we took....

No, I'm not kidding. We each packed one backpack and went on our way for two weeks.

Flight # 1 from Tampa, Florida to

New York, New York

Flight # 2 from New York, New York to

Milan, Italy

Train from Milan, Italy to

Rome, Italy

Flight # 3 from Rome, Italy to

Prague, Czech Republic

Flight # 4 from Prague, Czech Republic to

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Flight # 5 from Amsterdam, Netherlands to

Tokyo, Japan

Flight # 6 (and 7 & 8) from Tokyo, Japan to Washington DC to Charlotte and finally back to Tampa, FL.

The Engineer tallied it up and we flew 19,400 miles!!

I'm going to get some recaps of each city going. In the mean time I'll be sorting through our pictures!

From our bike tour in Tokyo.