Ciao Milan

New York ~ Milan ~ Rome I and Rome II ~ Prague ~ Amsterdam ~ Tokyo

After a fun weekend in New York we flew to Milan, Italy.

We only spent the afternoon in Milan. We decided instead to take a train to Rome since The Engineer had never been there. You have to go to Rome if you are in Italy. So we had to pack it in during our afternoon in Milan. We trained it from the Milan airport into the city and right outside the train station you practically fall into Sforzesco Castle.

It was pretty and out in front there were some exhibits for an art expo behind a fountain which was beautifully illuminated in the morning light.

We wandered through Sempione Park which was pretty quiet. I imagine most people were at work, but there were still a few people running and walking their dogs.

The city itself is quaint and a little more quiet than I had expected. The architecture is so different from American cities which is one of my favorite parts of European cities.

We stumbled on this outdoor/indoor shopping center (it was really a fancy mall) that was pretty grand already and they were doing extensive renovations to upgrade it. You fancy, huh?

Finally we made it over to Duomo di Milano which is the largest cathedral in Italy (fifth in the world!). It is absolutely beautiful and insanely ornate.

We hung out for quite some time in the square and watched all the people in the square. There was this little boy feeding the birds and he got pretty excited/overwhelmed when they would fly all over him to get the food. It was pretty cute. 

We ate (a really really early) lunch on the square and it was delish! We waited as long as we could hold out but I think the time change got the best of us because we were starving. We were the only people eating food for a while but we must be trend setters because by the time we left everyone was eating lunch. 

It was fun to explore Milan for the day, it was a little bonus stop on the trip, but we were off to Rome before we knew it!