The Grass is Always Greener…

…when you have new grass!

The yard has come a long way so here is a recap of all the posts of the work we have done.

Yard Demolition

Trimmed the Trees

Sealed the Deck

Rebuilt/Moved the Side Fence and Gate

Revived the Irrigation Well

More Yard Demolition

Installed Irrigation

It’s always cool to remember where you started because we forget so quickly.

After all the work we put into the yard we were finally ready for new sod in the back. I kid you not when I say this, but I think it was the easiest task so far!

We ordered three pallets of sod and one pallet of mulch for the new path. After the sod was delivered, we started laying it following lunch.

The Engineer, his dad, and I emptied the three pallets of sod pretty quickly.

Three hours later we were done and done! It is way cool. 

We actually put sod in our intended mulch path because we had a little extra. We will keep it there until we can get a spot in the front yard ready for it.

Oh to have sprinklers watering new grass :)