Happy Accidents

Happy Monday! Hope you have a short week to celebrate the 4th! We do and we and calling it a work weekend *muahaha* …we’re coming for you unfinished projects!

Last week we buckled down and kept up with workouts and finished one of our looming projects. Woot woot! The Engineer fixed the leak in the crawl space and built a semi-permanent hatch for the hole (in case we ever need to get down there again) and we got to work on our free vinyl tiles. And please excuse the poor lighting...it's all I had!

Isn't he impressive?

Sadly  I don’t have any legitimate before pictures, but on the bottom of the above pictures you can see the lovely linoleum we had in the laundry closet pre-demolition. Not gunna lie…not my favorite :-/

The Engineer scrapped glue and sanded the plywood sub floor to get it smooth for the tiles. After a quick cleaning it was ready for some new floors.

We got super lucky because the closet was exactly 5 tiles across. The only cuts we had to make were for the front two corners and the back row…because out closet is not a 5x5 square haha! The vinyl stick on tiles were very easy to install. We did all our cuts with a straight edge and utility knife. The most tedious part was peeling the backing off. Sometimes you had to be extra patient because it would tear and get a little ornery on you. Other than that, it was exactly as you would expect it to be…peel and stick.

We took two nights to do it only because the first night The Engineer was finishing the hatch and spent a decent of time prepping the sub floor. The tile job itself was fast so if that was our only task in an evening we could have easily knocked it out in one night. Since it wasn’t…we put the rest of the tiles down on the second night and pushed the washer and dryer back in (and thank goodness for that because I have never had such a big pile of laundry…I honestly don’t know how we’ve been making it to work fully clothed. TMI?).

Small things can make a big difference. All this because we tore up the floor for another project that went a different direction (the water softener that we are installing on the other side of the house). We now have a patched leak and new floor!

Yes, the washing machine is running, and working overtime!