Working a Lil' More Than Working Out

What is exciting in your life lately? Um, big news in mine, we moved!!! Moving wasn't terrible, but it did cramp the work out schedule.

We closed on our house on Thursday and went over that evening to do a little cleaning. It was so surreal that that was our house. We will have a lot of extra spaces to fill, in a fun way. I'm so excited to work on all the new rooms! I took this panoramic before we moved all our belongings in. There's just cleaning supplies in the kitchen.

Love <3

The Engineer took the whole day off work on Friday and cleaned the rest of the house. Amazing right?

Then it rained. :-/ Luckily it only rained while we were picking up the truck and for the first hour or so of loading.

I took a half day on Friday and we loaded the truck that afternoon/evening. Sadly, it took a decent bit of time simply because of the trek to the truck. The stairs are closer than the elevator, but we didn't use them much since we were double teaming with dollys. That night we drove to the house with a few friends and unloaded our mattresses to sleep on. We woke up in the morning and unloaded the entire truck in 1.5 hours flat. Dream team. We were thankful we previously cleaned the floors (if not solely for getting rid of the dog hair the previous owners were so kind to leave us) but it helped cut down on the mess since the ground was still wet and we tracked in a bit of dirt and leaves and other things that cling to the bottom of wet shoes.

Once we started unpacking we set the guest room up in a snap (furniture, not decorations or anything).

We then moved to the living room and kitchen areas and ended up with a big mess. 

We were really happy that nothing broke during the move and everything traveled well (The Engineer noticed a ding on the corner on the dining room table and I actually forgot to go check it out). I had a little oops while setting up the kitchen though. I was moving a shelf down in the kitchen cabinets and didn't realize that there was still a glass on it. When I pulled the shelf out the glass fell into another glass on the shelf below it. It shockingly didn't break but they were stuck. I mean stuck stuck. We tried dish soap and even ran it through the dishwasher just for the heck of it. When we finally put ice in the top glass and ran hot water on the bottom one, the bottom glass cracked. We had already realized that we would probably be sacrificing the bottom one. I really couldn't help but laugh at the whole situation.

We did get the kitchen put together though. I wasn't sure how I would like having cabinets with windows, but I LOVE them!!!

Love, love, love!!

Needless to say, with all the packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking, we didn't work out at all. I finally put 5 miles on the books yesterday. Gasparilla isn't getting any farther away so I figured it would be in my best interest to get back on track! I'll leave you with our new friend in our back yard. Maybe the previous owners left him for us because they knew we were UCF Knights?