Hi I'm Daina! My husband (The Engineer) and I love to DIY everything we can get our hands on at our house. Here, we get to share every step of those projects with you. 

We met in engineering school at the University of Central Florida. After discovering so many shared interests including working out and competing in triathlons, we spent too much time together and the rest is history. We love to travel whenever we can and have been lucky enough to embark on many wonderful trips (check out the travel archives!). The Engineer even proposed in Paris (I, of course, said yes) and we got married a little over a year later. We DIY'ed most of our wedding and believe that putting the time in to do things ourselves saves money and gives us the personalized outcome we want.

We bought our first home in February 2014 and working on it together is one of our passions. On any given evening after work you might find us riding our bikes, picnicking on the bay, or getting in over our heads with an impromptu demo in the house!

We make a great team. The Engineer is quite handy and has been able build everything we have needed thus far! I love to design and love finding unique ways to pull a room together. The best part? We both help each other out all the time. I’m not too bad with a power tool myself, and The Engineer has contributed some really great ideas for the house. Sometimes we learn as we go, but with every project we tackle we gain more experience and fall more in love with our house.

We hope you enjoy following all the projects we share here, we sure do appreciate you stopping by!

About Our House

The house was built in 1950 but has been kept up very well. Several additions to the original two room, one bathroom house haven converted it to a three bedroom, two bathroom house, with an entry room, sun room, and a deck. The original hardwood floors are still in place as are the slightly-scary-to-work-with plaster walls.

On one side of the house are the original two bedrooms and bathroom connected by a hallway. The bedrooms are pretty large and prior to us moving in the original bathroom received some upgrades in the vanity and tub departments, but it still has the original blue and yellow subway tiles. The hallway takes you into the open dining room/living room/kitchen area. The kitchen received a complete makeover (not from us) and it is open to the dining room and living room.

The add-ons to the house begin with the entry room off the kitchen. This room has a door on each wall and was a huge design challenge for us. Nothing a good dry bar didn’t fix though! This room also has an old elevator door from a cigar factory in it, which is pretty cool. The third bedroom is beyond the entry room and was formerly the garage, though you would never know it. It is currently in the middle of its makeover into a home office. This room also contains the laundry room (closet might be more appropriate to describe it) and the added full bathroom. Both of those little rooms will be getting make overs eventually.

Back to the entry room and through the last set of doors is the sunroom which is one of my favorite places. With brick floors and wall to wall windows it is the most peaceful place in the house. Exiting the sunroom leads onto the deck and into the backyard. Our house is situated on one and two-thirds lots so we are lucky to have so much space outside after the additions to the house.

The house is a good combination of already-updated spaces and plenty of areas that we can customize to make it our own. Be sure to check out the house tour to see the before, during, and after phases of each room!